Maverick Singer Charly Boy Unveils Unconventional Habits and Legacy in Candid Interview

Renowned maverick artist Charles Oputa, better known as Charly Boy, has sparked intrigue by revealing his unorthodox lifestyle, including the surprising revelation of having a coffin in his residence where he occasionally spends hours resting.

The septuagenarian icon shared this peculiar detail during a recent appearance on The Honest Bunch, where co-host Ezinne broached the topic, inquiring, “There was a time I heard you had a coffin and go to sleep in it for hours or days. Is that true?”

Charly Boy candidly affirmed, responding with a simple “Yes,” leaving the audience intrigued by the enigmatic practice.

Further probing by Ezinne prompted the question of motive, to which Charly Boy cryptically replied, “Z!” leaving the reasoning open to interpretation.

In addition to his unconventional sleeping habits, the veteran singer disclosed details about his marital life, revealing that he has remarried his wife on multiple occasions, showcasing the complexity and depth of their relationship.

In a surprising revelation, Charly Boy expressed his waning interest in sexual pursuits, indicating a shift in priorities as he embraces a more introspective phase of life.

Reflecting on his influential role in the Nigerian music scene, particularly during his tenure as President of the Performing Musicians Association of Nigeria (PMAN), Charly Boy reminisced about his efforts to advocate for fair compensation for artists. “As a PMAN President, I warned the corporate bodies not to pay artists less than 1 million Naira,” he recounted.

Stay tuned for more insights and anecdotes as Charly Boy continues to defy conventions and leave his mark on the music industry and beyond.

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