Mary Earps Takes a Stand Against Misogyny in Football

Mary Earps, the prominent goalkeeper for Manchester United and England, has bravely spoken out against misogynistic attitudes prevailing in women’s football across the United Kingdom. Her comments come in response to recent remarks made by former Manchester City player Joey Barton, criticizing women’s authority to speak about the men’s game.

Barton’s comments targeted Earps directly, questioning her eligibility for the BBC Sports Personality of the Year award, suggesting it should have been awarded to someone who achieved sporting success in 2023. Earps, however, refused to remain silent in the face of such discrimination.

In an interview with Women’s Health UK, Earps highlighted the widespread prevalence of such attitudes across the country. She emphasized that sport reflects society and expressed her disappointment in the sexist comments made not only by Barton but also by others. Earps believes that an aggressive response to such attitudes may not always be effective, recognizing the irony of the situation.

Her remarks align with those of Chelsea coach Emma Hayes, who recently condemned the pervasive misogyny in English football. Hayes emphasized the challenges faced by women in the sport, advocating for systemic change to combat discrimination.

Looking ahead, Earps remains resolute in her stance against misogyny, vowing to continue her fight for gender equality both on and off the pitch. As she prepares to lead Manchester United in upcoming matches against Southampton in the Women’s FA Cup and Arsenal in the Women’s Super League, Earps serves as an inspiring figure, promoting inclusivity and diversity in football.

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