Manchester United Manager Ten Hag Backs Marcus Rashford Amid Criticism

Manchester United manager Erik ten Hag has come to the defense of striker Marcus Rashford, affirming the player’s strong motivation to contribute to the club’s success during the crucial phase of the season.

Rashford, 26, found himself out of the starting lineup in United’s recent 4-3 Premier League defeat against Chelsea, a match in which United squandered a lead to concede two late stoppage-time goals.

While Rashford came on as a substitute just before United took the lead, his performance prompted some criticism on social media, particularly regarding his pressing.

The scrutiny intensified after comments from former United captains Gary Neville and Roy Keane on the ‘Stick to Football’ Podcast, with Neville suggesting Rashford “wasn’t right” and Keane indicating he needed a figurative “kick up the backside.”

Responding to the criticism, Rashford’s step-brother and agent Dwaine Maynard called for more direct communication, suggesting that if Neville and Keane had “genuine concerns,” they should “pick up the phone” instead of adding to the negative narrative around Rashford.

Ten Hag refrained from providing specific reasons for Rashford’s form compared to previous seasons but emphasized the player’s ability to influence games positively.

Acknowledging Rashford’s recent struggles with questions about his on-field work-rate and off-field conduct, Ten Hag emphasized Rashford’s commitment to the club and desire for success.

Despite United’s setback against Chelsea, leaving them sixth in the Premier League, Ten Hag highlighted Rashford’s motivation to secure European qualification and make an impact in the upcoming FA Cup semi-finals.

With the European Championship on the horizon, Ten Hag believes Rashford has ample motivation to excel and contribute to United’s pursuit of silverware.

As United prepare to face Liverpool, Ten Hag expressed confidence in Rashford’s ability to make a significant impact, pointing out his recent goalscoring form as evidence of his potential to change the course of matches.

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