Manchester City’s Rodri Plans Break Amidst Season’s Grind for Treble Pursuit

Manchester City midfielder Rodri has revealed his intention to take a break during the intense season run-in as the club continues its pursuit of a second successive Treble.

The 27-year-old Spaniard, who has already made 41 appearances this campaign, acknowledged the need for rest as City navigates through a packed fixture schedule across multiple competitions.

After featuring in Tuesday’s Champions League quarter-final first-leg draw against Real Madrid, Rodri emphasized the importance of managing his workload amidst the demanding schedule.

“I do need a rest,” Rodri admitted, highlighting the necessity of adjusting and planning for a break during the season’s climax.

City’s relentless pursuit of silverware has seen Rodri play a significant role in the team’s success, with the midfielder maintaining an impressive record of 429 days and 66 games without experiencing defeat in any competition for the club.

Despite his consistent performances, Rodri recognizes the toll of his heavy involvement, having accumulated 3,497 minutes on the pitch this season, ranking among the top players in Europe’s major leagues.

However, Rodri’s absence due to suspension has coincided with rare defeats for City in domestic competitions, underscoring his importance to the team’s success.

As City faces a hectic schedule in April, including crucial fixtures in the Premier League, FA Cup, and Champions League, Rodri’s planned break underscores the challenges posed by fixture congestion in modern football.

The concerns raised by Manchester United manager Erik ten Hag regarding player workload and performance consistency resonate with Rodri’s situation, as clubs navigate through relentless schedules amidst international and domestic commitments.

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