Manchester City’s Jack Grealish Fined for Speeding

Manchester City and England football star Jack Grealish has been fined £666 for speeding after being caught driving at 44mph in a 30mph zone. The 28-year-old was charged with the offence after being captured by a mobile camera on Station Road, Wythall, Worcestershire, while behind the wheel of a Range Rover Sport on the morning of 17 July, 2023.

During the court hearing in Worcester, Grealish, who did not appear in person but pleaded guilty through his barrister, received five penalty points on his driving license. Additionally, he was ordered to cover court costs of £110 and a victim surcharge of £266, resulting in a total payment of £1,042.

Although facing a potential maximum penalty of £1,000, reduced to £666 due to his admission of guilt, Grealish’s barrister, John Dye, assured the court that the footballer could afford the fine. He conveyed Grealish’s apology, emphasizing that the incident was a mistake and was not intended as a sign of disrespect by his absence from court proceedings.

The charge of failing to provide information to the police regarding the identification of the driver was withdrawn during the hearing.

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