Living Faith Church Urges Covenant Stewardship Amid Nigeria’s Distress

David Oyedepo Jr., the Resident Pastor of Living Faith Church worldwide, recently emphasized Nigeria’s state of distress during the church’s third service themed ‘Convenant Day of Fruitfulness’. Urging Christian faithful to embrace covenant stewardship, Oyedepo highlighted the importance of anchoring oneself in faith amidst turbulent times.

Using a metaphor of an empty Ghana-must-go bag in a windy environment, Oyedepo illustrated the vulnerability of individuals without a foundation in covenant practice. He emphasized that just as a bag filled with a heavy substance can resist harsh winds, so too can individuals fortified by their covenant with Christ Jesus.

Echoing this sentiment, Presiding Bishop David Oyedepo urged Christians to extend a helping hand to the needy in their communities. He disclosed the church’s initiative of opening several Kingdom care outlets through its Winners Satellite Fellowship (WSF) across Nigeria. These outlets aim to alleviate the economic hardships faced by many Nigerians, providing essential support to those in need.

In his address, Bishop Oyedepo emphasized that seeking help when needed is not a sign of weakness but rather a demonstration of humility and practical compassion. As Nigeria grapples with various challenges, including economic hardship, the church’s outreach efforts seek to provide tangible assistance and support to vulnerable individuals and families.


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