Liverpool’s Klopp Confirms Salah’s Readiness for Europa League Clash

Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp has confirmed that forward Mohamed Salah is “ready to start” in the upcoming Europa League last-16 second-leg fixture against Sparta Prague. Salah, who has been sidelined since January due to a hamstring injury sustained while representing Egypt in the Africa Cup of Nations, is set to make his return to the starting lineup.

Despite holding a commanding 5-1 lead from the first leg, Klopp emphasized the importance of ensuring Salah’s gradual reintroduction to the team. While Salah may not be ready for a full 90 minutes, Klopp expressed confidence in the Egyptian’s fitness and readiness to contribute to the team’s efforts.

Salah, Liverpool’s top scorer this season with 19 goals, has been sorely missed during his absence. His return provides a significant boost to Liverpool’s attacking prowess as they aim to maintain momentum in multiple competitions.

Klopp also highlighted the need for Liverpool to remain focused and not underestimate Sparta Prague, despite their comfortable lead from the first leg. Acknowledging Sparta Prague’s threat and the challenges they posed in the previous encounter, Klopp stressed the importance of maintaining high standards and performance levels.

As Liverpool continues to compete on multiple fronts, including the Premier League and the FA Cup, Klopp reiterated the team’s commitment to taking each match as it comes. With the run-in for various competitions still ongoing, Klopp emphasized the need for continued focus and determination.

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