Lil Frosh Refutes Assault Allegations, Claims Set-Up in Career-Defining Scandal

Rising singer Lil Frosh has made a public statement refuting allegations of assault against his ex-girlfriend, Gift Camille, also known as Cute Gemini. Approximately two years after being embroiled in controversy, which led to his expulsion from DMW Records, Lil Frosh claims he was framed in an effort to sabotage his career.

In a partial statement, Lil Frosh expressed gratitude for the opportunity to clarify his position. He stated, “I thank God for the opportunity that just presented itself, God knows I did not beat Gemini. I was framed, I was blackmailed, and after all I paid. I still can’t get my career back because of the lies that were told against me.”

The singer expressed his frustration over not being heard and mentioned his attempts to explain the situation to his boss, Davido, who maintains a zero-tolerance policy towards violence against women. Lil Frosh appealed for support and a second chance, asking for understanding from the public and Davido.

In a recent Instagram post, Lil Frosh insisted on his innocence amid discussions surrounding bullying involving Gift. He revealed that the issue in their relationship escalated following a disrespect towards his mother, which led him to slap Gift. He admitted to this act and apologized, vowing not to repeat it.

However, Lil Frosh claimed that months later, Gift used a swelling from an allergic reaction to frame him as an abuser. This accusation, he argues, has been detrimental to his career and public image.

The artist pleaded with Nigerians and Davido to offer him a second chance to redeem himself and revive his faltering career. He emphasized the impact of the negative social media commentary on his personal and professional life.

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