La Liga Launches Investigation into Jude Bellingham’s Alleged Comment in Real Madrid’s Victory Over Getafe

Real Madrid secured a 2-0 victory against Getafe on Thursday, but the match has since been marred by an alleged incident involving Jude Bellingham and Mason Greenwood. La Liga has taken a unique approach to investigate the matter, utilizing a lip-reading expert to assess a comment attributed to Bellingham during the game.

Getafe initiated the formal complaint, prompting La Liga to respond promptly. The league announced on Friday that it is following standard procedures and seeking a lip-reading report to delve into the incident, emphasizing a commitment to act based on concrete evidence.

The incident unfolded after a tackle by Bellingham on Greenwood during the course of Real Madrid’s triumph, and a clip of the occurrence swiftly gained traction on social media. The exact nature of the alleged comment and its intended recipient remain unclear.

In a statement, La Liga stated, “Yesterday, Getafe filed a formal complaint with the La Liga match director who, as per standard procedure in such cases, has requested an expert lip-reading report to investigate the matter and act based on hard evidence.”

Greenwood, 22, recently embarked on a season-long loan to Getafe from Manchester United on September 1. The forward, who has been prolific this season with six goals in 21 appearances, had left United after a mutual agreement following a six-month internal investigation into his conduct. Charges against him, including attempted rape and assault, were dropped in February.

Bellingham, 20, joined Real Madrid in the summer for a substantial fee of 103 million euros (£88.5 million) and has made an impact with 18 goals in 27 appearances for the club. The investigation by La Liga adds a layer of scrutiny to an already controversial and attention-grabbing episode, leaving fans and stakeholders eagerly awaiting the league’s findings.

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