Kizz Daniel Confirms Marriage: Igbo/Warri Mix Sparks Fan Reactions

Famous Nigerian singer, Oluwatobiloba Daniel Anidugbe, widely known as Kizz Daniel, recently made a surprising revelation to his fans, confirming his marital status during a humorous interaction on X platform. The artist shared that he is happily married to a woman with a unique blend of Igbo and Warri heritage.

In a light-hearted tone, Kizz Daniel playfully stated, “I’m married to an Igbo/Warri girl. Nothing you won teach Mr wey I never hear.” This candid disclosure sparked reactions from his fans, with one female fan expressing skepticism about the longevity of the singer’s marriage, suggesting it won’t last unless she is the one he married.

In response to the fan’s comment predicting a short-lived marriage, Kizz Daniel confidently replied, “E go last pass original charger my darling,” humorously asserting the durability of his marital bond.

Notably, another female fan took the opportunity to express her interest in the singer, urging him to leave his wife and choose her instead. Kizz Daniel, maintaining his humorous tone, explained that he couldn’t abandon his wife as she cares for him and tolerates his imperfections.

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