Kanye West Defends Flaunting Wife on Social Media: “She Makes Me Happy


American rapper Kanye West has addressed criticisms regarding his frequent social media posts featuring his wife, Bianca Censori. West, popularly known as the Yezus boss, explained his reason for showcasing his wife on social platforms, emphasizing that it’s a reflection of the joy she brings to his life.

Responding to detractors, West asserted, “I post my wife as much as I want, bro. It makes me happy.” In a video message shared on his Instagram, he defended his choice to share moments of happiness with his wife, making it clear that the motivation behind his posts is personal contentment.

West acknowledged the scrutiny but remained steadfast, vowing to continue featuring his wife on his social media accounts. Directly addressing those who may disapprove, he stated, “Some people don’t want you to be happy. They want you to make them happy. I decided to make myself happy, and I’m happy with it.”

The rapper, who recently married Bianca Censori following the end of his marriage to reality star Kim Kardashian, remains unapologetic about sharing glimpses of his happiness with his new partner.

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