Jose Aldo Contemplates Next Move After UFC 301 Victory

Jose Aldo, following his triumphant return to the octagon with a win over Jonathan Martinez at UFC 301 in Brazil, finds himself in a unique position as a free agent. Despite being 37 years old, Aldo’s victory has instantly made him one of the most sought-after fighters on the market.

Having fulfilled the final fight on his UFC contract, Aldo now explores his options, including the possibility of re-signing with the UFC. He acknowledges that the UFC has the right to match any offers he receives and expresses openness to extending his long-standing relationship with the promotion.

Before making any decisions, Aldo plans to engage in discussions with UFC president Dana White to assess the best path forward. Despite his age, Aldo’s performance against Martinez demonstrated that he still possesses the skills to compete at a high level in MMA.

In addition to potential negotiations with the UFC, Aldo reveals that he was offered a chance to fight on the undercard of Jake Paul’s boxing event against Mike Tyson in July. This highlights the breadth of opportunities available to the seasoned fighter beyond MMA.

One option Aldo considers is pursuing another shot at the UFC bantamweight title. Although he suffered a loss to Petr Yan in 2020, Aldo believes he could bypass the rankings and challenge current champion Sean O’Malley for the belt. His manager suggests that Aldo’s previous strong ranking could facilitate this opportunity.

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