Joeboy Opens Up: ‘I Pity My Exes, They’ll Never Find Another Lover Like Me’


Nigerian singer Joseph Akinfenwa Donus, popularly known as Joeboy, has candidly shared his sentiments about his past relationships, revealing that he occasionally feels pity for his estranged girlfriends. This empathy, as he explained on his X handle, stems from his belief that they are unlikely to find another lover quite like him.

In a straightforward post, Joeboy wrote, “Sometimes I pity my exes because they’ll most likely never find another lover like me.”

This revelation follows a previous interview where Joeboy disclosed that he had invested a substantial amount, roughly N50 million, on his current girlfriend over two years. Despite being unsure about the exact figure, he hinted that it could surpass the disclosed amount. Additionally, the singer emphasized his preference for keeping his girlfriend’s identity concealed to safeguard his private life from the scrutiny of social media.

Joeboy’s candid reflections add a personal touch to his public image, offering fans a glimpse into the complexities of his romantic experiences while maintaining an air of mystery around his current relationship.

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