Joeboy Defends Wizkid’s Statement on Afrobeats


Nigerian singer Joeboy has come to the defense of his Grammy-winning colleague Wizkid, suggesting that recent criticism of Wizkid’s comments on Afrobeats may have been misinterpreted.

Wizkid sparked controversy when he expressed his desire to distance himself from the label of being solely an Afrobeats artist, citing his versatility in creating various music genres.

In the latest episode of the Big Friday Day Show with Tacha on Cool FM, Lagos, Joeboy emphasized that Wizkid’s remarks should not be misconstrued as a rejection of Afrobeats. Instead, Joeboy asserted that Wizkid’s intention was to highlight the multifaceted nature of artists like himself.

“Wizkid’s statement is being misunderstood, he is not running away from Afrobeats,” Joeboy clarified. “All we are saying is our identity is Afrobeats but please don’t box us because we can make other genres of music too.”

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