Joaquin Niemann Advocates for Recognition of Breakaway Tour in World Rankings

Chilean golfer Joaquin Niemann has called for the inclusion of the breakaway LIV tour in the official world rankings, arguing that the current system can be misleading and does not accurately reflect players’ abilities.

Despite his recent successes in LIV events, including two victories in the league’s inaugural events in 2024 and a win at the Australian Open in December, Niemann is ranked 91st in the world. However, he is considered among the favorites to win the prestigious Masters tournament at Augusta this Sunday.

Niemann expressed his frustration with the current division in the golfing world, stating, “Right now the game is divided and it is not helping. It is hard to get a ranking system where everyone is happy.”

The Saudi-backed LIV league, which has attracted several high-profile players away from the PGA Tour, has been denied accreditation by the Official World Golf Ranking. As a result, LIV events do not award ranking points, impacting the standings of players competing exclusively in this tour.

Niemann emphasized the need for a unified ranking system that considers all professional golf tournaments, including those in the LIV tour. He believes that the current world ranking system is flawed and does not accurately reflect the skill level of certain players.

“I feel like the world ranking is a lie for a few players,” Niemann remarked, highlighting the discrepancy between his achievements and his current ranking.

Despite his lower ranking, Niemann’s recent performances on other tours, such as the DP World Tour and the Asian Tour, have been impressive, with top-five finishes in his last four tournaments.

Acknowledging Niemann’s talent and accomplishments, Masters organizers extended a special invitation for him to compete in the prestigious tournament at Augusta. Spain’s Sergio Garcia, a former Masters champion, supported the decision, stating that major tournaments recognize the caliber of players like Niemann and prioritize their participation.

Garcia emphasized that major championships aim to attract the best players and ensure competitive fields, regardless of their official world rankings.

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