Joao Cancelo Accuses Pep Guardiola of “Telling Lies” and Labels Manchester City as “Ungrateful”

In a candid and explosive interview, Joao Cancelo has lashed out at Pep Guardiola and Manchester City, accusing them of dishonesty and ingratitude. The Portuguese full-back, currently on loan at Barcelona, expressed his frustration with Guardiola’s comments regarding his departure from City and defended his commitment to the club during his time there.

Cancelo’s criticism stemmed from Guardiola’s suggestion that he was allowed to leave City due to his response to being dropped from the team. Rejecting these claims as falsehoods, Cancelo asserted that he never displayed poor behavior towards his teammates and emphasized his dedication to the club, fans, and his on-field performance.

Addressing Guardiola’s remarks, Cancelo highlighted instances of his unwavering commitment to City, including playing a match shortly after being robbed and attacked, despite personal challenges. He expressed disappointment with City’s characterization of his departure and described feeling undervalued by the club.

Reflecting on his time at City, Cancelo acknowledged the success he experienced, winning multiple Premier League titles and a League Cup. However, he criticized what he perceived as ingratitude from the club towards his contributions, emphasizing his desire for transparency and truthfulness.

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