Jake Gyllenhaal Takes on Iconic ‘Road House’ Revamp: A Worthy Reboot or Missed Punch


In the realm of guilty pleasures, the original “Road House” holds its own, featuring Patrick Swayze as the quintessential philosopher-bouncer, immortalizing lines like “Pain don’t hurt.” Now, 35 years later, Amazon brings a modern update starring Jake Gyllenhaal, adding a twist to the familiar tale of barroom chaos and redemption.

Gyllenhaal’s Dalton, unlike his predecessor, comes with a first name and a different set of skills, thrust into action by the determined owner of The Road House in the Florida Keys, played by Jessica Williams. Reluctant at first, Dalton’s entrance into the fray sets the stage for a rollercoaster of entertainment, silliness, and intense violence, reminiscent of the original’s charm.

Director Doug Liman, known for his work on “The Bourne Identity,” infuses the film with kinetic fight sequences that showcase Gyllenhaal’s toned-up persona. However, the inclusion of familiar elements like the attractive emergency-room doctor and the stock bad guy feels like a nod to nostalgia rather than innovation.

Enter Conor McGregor, UFC champion turned muscle-for-hire, adding swagger to the mix but falling short in the acting department. Despite the film’s attempt to capture the essence of its predecessor, it struggles to punch above its weight class, leaving Liman publicly disappointed with the decision to release it directly on Amazon Prime Video.

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