J. Cole Hits Back at Kendrick Lamar’s Diss in Surprise Track Release


American rapper J. Cole has unleashed a fiery response aimed at fellow artist Kendrick Lamar following Lamar’s recent diss on Future and Metro Boomin’s track, ‘Like That.’ Lamar’s verse took aim at both Drake and J. Cole, asserting himself as the sole reigning figure among them.

In his verse, Lamar directly challenged the prevailing notion that he, Drake, and J. Cole dominate the rap scene, declaring himself the sole heavyweight. However, J. Cole wasted no time in firing back, delivering a blistering rebuttal in a track titled ‘7 Minute Drill,’ featured in his surprise project ‘Might Delete Later,’ which dropped unexpectedly at midnight.

In ‘7 Minute Drill,’ J. Cole didn’t hold back, asserting that while Kendrick Lamar began his career with promise, he has since “fallen off.” The track marks a swift and direct response to Lamar’s provocation, as J. Cole defends his standing within the rap industry.

The exchange between these two heavyweight rappers has sparked intense debate and speculation within the hip-hop community, as fans eagerly dissect the lyrical sparring between these titans of the genre.

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