Iyanya Fires Back at Social Media User Over Career Comparison with Wizkid


Nigerian singer, Iyanya, has issued a fiery response to a social media user who downplayed his musical achievements while drawing comparisons to Wizkid’s success. The exchange unfolded on Twitter, sparking a heated debate over the perception of both artists within the music industry.

The contentious discussion was ignited by a tweet from user @itzbasito, who asserted that Wizkid’s unparalleled success had elevated him to the status of a benchmark in the music industry. In response, user @Xperience_Snr expressed the opinion that Wizkid was expected to follow the trajectory of artists like Iyanya and Samklef, implying a perceived shortfall in their careers compared to Wizkid’s meteoric rise.

Iyanya, evidently incensed by the comparison, delivered a scathing rejoinder to the detracting comment. Quoting the tweet, he unleashed a sharp retort, declaring, “You will end up like your father,” in a terse yet potent rebuke.

The heated exchange underscores the complexities of navigating the competitive landscape of the music industry, where success and perception are often intertwined. While Wizkid’s ascendancy to global stardom has solidified his status as a trailblazer, artists like Iyanya grapple with the scrutiny of their career trajectories and the enduring legacy of their contributions to the Nigerian music scene.



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