Isabella Idibia Criticizes Portrayal of Parents on South African Reality Show


Isabella Idibia, the eldest daughter of Nigerian music icon 2Baba and his wife Annie Idibia, has voiced her discontent over the depiction of her parents in the 2022 South African reality show, ‘Young, Famous and African.’ The show portrayed Annie as a nagging wife enduring an abusive marriage, while 2Baba seemingly condoned infidelity, declaring that “men are wired to cheat.”

In a recent video message shared on her social media platform, Isabella condemned the portrayal of her parents, asserting that it was inaccurate and unjust. She lamented the misconceptions generated by the show’s narrative, expressing frustration at the public’s tendency to judge based on edited snippets without understanding the full context.

Isabella emphasized that the portrayal of her parents on ‘Young, Famous and African’ did not reflect the reality of their relationship. She defended her family’s integrity, urging viewers to refrain from making uninformed judgments based solely on sensationalized media portrayals.

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