Irish Producer Calls for Focus on Homegrown Productions After Oscar Success

Ed Guiney, the Dublin-born producer behind the Oscar-winning film Poor Things, believes that Ireland should prioritize its “own productions” in the world of TV and cinema.

Speaking after Poor Things secured four Oscars, including Best Actress for Emma Stone, Guiney emphasized the storytelling prowess of both Northern Ireland and the Republic.

Guiney, from Element Pictures in Dublin, highlighted the recent successes of Irish films, including An Irish Goodbye and Blue Lights, underscoring the potential of local productions.

He stressed the importance of building on this success by nurturing local talent and developing indigenous stories for film and television.

Acknowledging the significance of Poor Things’ triumph at the Oscars, Guiney described the event as “a good night,” emphasizing the long journey leading up to the awards ceremony.

Reflecting on Cillian Murphy’s win for Best Actor, Guiney expressed pride in the Irish film industry and noted Murphy’s appreciation for the support from home.

Murphy likened the surge of support to the fervor surrounding Ireland’s performance in the 1990 FIFA World Cup, indicating a sense of national pride in the industry’s achievements.

Guiney praised productions like Blue Lights, citing it as a stellar example of Northern Irish talent and emphasizing the importance of such endeavors in showcasing Ireland’s storytelling prowess.

In conclusion, Guiney reiterated the notion that Ireland is an “island of storytellers,” emphasizing the need to embrace and promote indigenous storytelling as a vital cultural asset.

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