IPOB Slams Tinubu’s Call for Land Allocation to Fulani Herders

The Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) has vehemently criticized the recent call made by President Bola Tinubu for governors to allocate parts of their states’ lands to Fulani herders for RUGA or ranching purposes. In a statement issued on Thursday, IPOB labeled Tinubu’s suggestion as “careless and thoughtless,” highlighting the dangers associated with accommodating Fulani herders who are notorious for violence against Nigerians, particularly in the South and Middle Belt regions.

Tinubu’s statement, made during the flag-off of an agricultural mechanization revolution in Minna, Niger State, advocated for providing lands to herders as a solution to the perennial conflicts between herders and farmers. He emphasized the need to reorient herders and create provisions for cattle rearing to mitigate the destruction caused by roaming cows.

Reacting sharply to Tinubu’s proposal, IPOB’s spokesperson, Emma Powerful, condemned the call as an insult to indigenous Nigerians who have suffered at the hands of Fulani herders. The group reiterated its staunch opposition to ceding any part of the South-East to RUGA, emphasizing that Biafrans cannot afford to accommodate Fulani herders on their already limited ancestral lands.

IPOB pointed to the grim realities faced by regions in the North and Middle Belt that have accommodated Fulani herders, citing mass burials, displacement, and the renaming of ancestral lands as consequences of the Fulani incursion. The group warned against yielding to Fulani demands, asserting that such concessions would not earn the favor of the jihadist elements within the Fulani ranks.

Furthermore, IPOB challenged Tinubu’s government to resist intimidation from Fulani terrorists and take decisive action to protect Nigerian citizens. The group emphasized that the security agencies possess the capability to launch rescue missions against the perpetrators of mass abductions and urged the government to prioritize the safety of its citizens.

In closing, IPOB called upon the people of the South-West and Middle Belt to reject Tinubu’s call for land allocation to Fulani herders, asserting that any region allowing Fulani occupation, whether through RUGA or ranching, is doomed to insecurity and strife.

The Ruga policy, introduced by former President Muhammadu Buhari’s administration, aimed at mitigating conflicts between herders and farmers by creating reserved settlements for herders. However, the policy faced widespread criticism and skepticism from the Nigerian populace.

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