Illbliss Touts Versatility and Business Acumen Beyond Music Career

Renowned rapper and actor Tobechukwu Ejiofor, widely known as Illbliss, has asserted his multifaceted talents and business acumen, distinguishing himself from many peers in the Nigerian music industry.

In a recent interview with Da Genius, Illbliss revealed his unconventional career trajectory, highlighting his accomplished tenure as a banker before venturing into music. With four years of experience across various departments in the banking sector, including oil and gas, treasury, risk management, retail banking, private banking, and human resources, Illbliss showcased a diverse skill set that sets him apart from the typical Nigerian artist.

The “King of Boys” star emphasized his inclination towards owning assets and creating value beyond the realm of music. Unlike some of his colleagues who view music solely as a form of entertainment, Illbliss expressed his desire to leverage his talents to generate tangible assets and contribute to the entertainment industry’s growth.

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