Ifuennada Opens Up About Losing Relationship Due to Stance Against Premarital Sex


Big Brother Naija reality star Iheme Faith Uloma, popularly known as Ifuennada, has bravely shared her experience of losing a relationship because of her unwavering commitment to abstaining from premarital sex.

Taking to her Instagram page, Ifuennada posted a video where she boldly declared, “I don’t believe in sex before marriage,” accompanied by a caption affirming her prioritization of God over earthly desires.

In a subsequent post, the reality star revealed the painful consequences of her stance, recounting how she was humiliated, mocked, and disrespected by her partner as a result. Despite the hurt she endured, Ifuennada remained steadfast in her faith, emphasizing her unwavering commitment to living a life that aligns with God’s principles.

Expressing her unwavering resolve, Ifuennada stated, “I’ll never choose man over God.” She emphasized her belief that God’s plans for her far surpass any earthly relationship or fleeting pleasure.

The reality star’s candid revelations have sparked conversations about the challenges of upholding personal values and convictions in the face of societal pressures. Ifuennada’s unwavering commitment to her faith serves as a powerful example of resilience and strength in the pursuit of spiritual fulfillment.


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