ID Cabasa Weighs in on New Generation Artists vs. Legends Debate in Nigerian Music Industry


Veteran record producer Olumide Ogunade, widely known as ID Cabasa, has offered his perspective on the ongoing conflict between new generation artists and legends in the Nigerian music industry.

The controversy ignited when veteran singer Eedris Abdulkareem criticized Burna Boy for asserting that no Nigerian artist paved the way for him in the music industry. The disagreement quickly escalated into a social media feud between the two, drawing the involvement of other artists.

In the midst of the heated exchange, ID Cabasa shared his insights on the matter. While acknowledging the significance of both new and established artists, he emphasized the importance of mutual respect and understanding between generations within the industry.

As tensions persist and allegiances are drawn, ID Cabasa’s commentary serves as a reminder of the need for unity and collaboration amidst diversity of opinion. The evolving landscape of the Nigerian music scene calls for dialogue and constructive engagement to bridge the gap between past achievements and future aspirations.

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