ID Cabasa Reflects on Olamide’s Departure: Tears Shed as Protege Parts Ways


Veteran music producer and industry titan, Olumide Ogunade, fondly known as ID Cabasa, has opened up about the emotional departure of his former protege, Olamide, from his record label, Coded Tunes.

In a candid interview on the ‘Afrobeats Podcast,’ Cabasa reminisced about the early days when Olamide, then just 13 years old, first crossed paths with him. Recounting the moment, Cabasa described Olamide as quiet and unassuming, until he unleashed a mere 16 bars that transformed everything. From that point on, Olamide became not just an artist but a cherished son figure to Cabasa.

However, as fate would have it, the time eventually came for Olamide to spread his wings and forge his path independently. Cabasa recounted the bittersweet conversation they shared as Olamide expressed his desire to move on. Despite his deep affection for Olamide, Cabasa respected his decision and offered his unwavering support.

“It wasn’t the pain of not wanting him to progress; it was the pain of seeing someone you love leave. I cried,” Cabasa revealed, highlighting the profound emotional toll of their parting. Expressing his sentiments, Cabasa recalled urging Olamide to reconsider, but ultimately conceding to his protege’s aspirations.

In a poignant moment, Cabasa shared Olamide’s rationale for departure, quoting him as saying, “‘Bros, I want to do something, and I’m sure, by your code, we might not be able to do some of them.'” Despite the inevitable separation, there was no animosity between the two, with Cabasa imparting his blessings wholeheartedly.

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