House of Representatives Opposition Caucus Leader Explains Push for Living Wage Motion

Rep Kingsley Ogundu Chinda, leader of the opposition caucus in the House of Representatives, has outlined the rationale behind the endorsement of a motion by 42 lawmakers advocating for a living wage for Nigerian workers.

Chinda, a representative from Rivers State, along with 41 other legislators from across the nation, brought the motion to the forefront during a recent plenary session, emphasizing the urgency of addressing the economic challenges faced by workers in Nigeria.

Speaking on the sidelines of the motion, Chinda highlighted the dissatisfaction among lawmakers regarding the current state of affairs in the country. He underscored the necessity of advocating for a living wage, expressing concern that the existing take-home pay is insufficient to meet the basic needs of workers.

“The rising inflationary rate in the country has significantly impacted the cost of living, exacerbating the challenges faced by Nigerian workers,” Chinda remarked. He referenced statistics from Trade Economics, indicating the recommended living wage for individuals and families in Nigeria, which underscores the pressing need for improved compensation.

Chinda emphasized that the present economic conditions necessitate a minimum monthly wage of at least N100,000 to sustain a decent standard of living in Nigeria. Citing a World Bank report, he highlighted how low purchasing power resulting from high inflation rates has contributed to increased poverty levels nationwide.

Assuring Nigerians of proactive measures, Chinda affirmed that resolutions passed by the House of Representatives have been set in motion. He indicated that an ad hoc committee would promptly transmit the outcomes to the Senate for concurrence, underscoring the commitment of lawmakers to finding lasting solutions to the economic challenges faced by citizens.

“As representatives of Nigerians, we are deeply concerned and committed to addressing these issues until a permanent solution is achieved,” Chinda reiterated, reflecting the determination of legislators to prioritize the welfare of Nigerian workers and alleviate their financial hardships.

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