House of Representatives Intensifies Grassroots Engagement, Includes Persons with Disabilities

Akin Rotimi, Chairman of the House of Representatives Committee on Media and Public Affairs, has reaffirmed the commitment of the Green Chamber to bolster grassroots interactions. Speaking from Ikole Ekiti during a one-day retreat themed “Building a team that leaves no one behind,” Rotimi underscored the House’s dedication to inclusive representation, emphasizing the importance of giving meaning to the people’s mandate.

During the retreat, Rotimi presented appointment letters to 85 legislative aides and assistants, including 26 individuals with disabilities (PWDs). He highlighted the pivotal role of the PWDs in serving as contact persons and advocating for the rights and needs of the disabled within the federal constituency.

Rotimi elucidated, “The appointments of legislative aides and assistants aim to enhance legislative representation in Ekiti North 1 Federal Constituency by fostering active participation in governance. These aides will serve as conduits for feedback from constituents at the grassroots level.”

He further elaborated on the House’s agenda to deepen grassroots engagements and constituency outreach, emphasizing the importance of staying connected with Nigerians and amplifying their voices through meaningful representation.

Rotimi emphasized the House’s belief in representative democracy and participatory governance, emphasizing the significance of building the capacity of grassroots stakeholders appointed to partake in legislative processes.

“Including legislative advisers, assistants, PWDs, and contact focal persons at the grassroots level in every ward demonstrates our commitment to representative democracy. Today’s session epitomizes our dedication to inclusive representation and participatory governance,” Rotimi affirmed.


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