Gyakie Reveals Why She Avoids Dating Colleagues in the Music Industry

Popular Ghanaian singer Jackline Acheampong, known as Gyakie, has opened up about her stance on dating within the music industry, emphasizing the challenges that come with romantic relationships with colleagues.

In a recent interview with 3FM in Accra, Gyakie shared her perspective on love and relationships, stating, “Love is a beautiful thing. I wouldn’t say it’s wrong, but at the same time, right now, I wouldn’t advise myself to be with someone in my industry.”

Gyakie acknowledged the complexities that can arise when romantically involved with someone in the same field, hinting at the potential difficulties in balancing personal and professional dynamics.

Despite her openness to love, Gyakie has chosen to prioritize her career and maintain a distance from romantic entanglements within the music industry. Notably, the singer has not been publicly linked to any romantic relationships.

In 2021, Gyakie sparked rumors of a romantic involvement with Nigerian singer Omah Lay, fueled by their collaboration on the ‘Forever’ remix. However, it was later revealed that the speculation was merely a promotional stunt for their musical collaboration.


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