Grammy-Winning Artist Tyla Embraces Single Life to Prioritize Music Career

Grammy-winning South African sensation, Tyla, has made headlines by announcing her current single status, attributing it to her unwavering commitment to her burgeoning music career.

In an exclusive interview with Power 96.5 FM in Miami, the ‘Water’ hitmaker disclosed her preference for a partner immersed in video games over one who frequents the club scene.

When questioned by the host regarding her preference between a boyfriend who indulges in gaming and one who is a habitual clubgoer, Tyla unequivocally expressed her favor towards the former. She stated, “Video games all day. A club guy? No! What the hell? I would rather have a boyfriend who plays video games than a boyfriend who is at the club every weekend. At least, I know the guy who plays video games will always be home with me. I also love being at home.”

Addressing her relationship status, Tyla candidly confirmed her singlehood, clarifying that she is deliberately abstaining from romantic entanglements at present. “Yes, I am single. I’m not playing with all of that right now. I am focusing on the prize,” she affirmed.

Tyla’s candid remarks shed light on her unwavering dedication to her craft, emphasizing her resolve to prioritize her music career above all else. With her unapologetic stance on romance, the talented artist continues to captivate audiences with her authenticity and commitment to her artistic journey.

Stay tuned for more updates on Tyla’s musical endeavors as she continues to make waves in the industry with her unique blend of talent and passion.

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