Governor Uba Sani Releases 110 Inmates from Kaduna Correctional Centre for June 12 Democracy Day

Governor Uba Sani of Kaduna State marked the 2024 June 12 Democracy Day by securing the release of 110 inmates from the Kaduna Correctional Centre. The governor, accompanied by Senior Advocate of Nigeria Femi Falana, visited the Correctional Centre on Tuesday to announce the releases as part of efforts to decongest prisons and provide second chances to deserving inmates.

Out of the 110 inmates, 22 were released under the prerogative of mercy powers conferred on the governor by Section 212 of the 1999 Constitution. The remaining 88 inmates included those convicted with the option of fine or those required to pay compensation to their victims.

Governor Sani emphasized the importance of reducing the burden on the state’s custodial centers, which have been severely overstretched. Originally designed to hold 500 inmates and later upgraded to 1,100, the centers now house 3,000 inmates.

The governor expressed his mixed feelings about visiting the custodial center on Democracy Day, a day to honor those who sacrificed for freedom, while also addressing the issue of overcapacity in the prisons. He stressed the need for citizens to obey laws and avoid criminal activities to maintain order in society.

Governor Sani reaffirmed his administration’s commitment to justice and fairness, highlighting their focus on aiding the poor, vulnerable, and underserved in Kaduna State. He encouraged the released inmates to demonstrate good character and pursue skill acquisition, assuring them of the administration’s support in their rehabilitation.

The governor also praised the officers and staff of the Kaduna Correctional Service for maintaining peace and order within the centers and promised to improve facilities, such as installing solar lights.

Senior Advocate of Nigeria Femi Falana lauded Governor Sani’s efforts and advised him to mandate monthly visits by Chief Magistrates to police detention facilities to prevent unnecessary arrests and reduce prison congestion. Falana noted that Correctional Services have been moved from the exclusive list to the concurrent list, urging state governors to invest in upgrading correctional facilities.

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