Gary Neville Applauds VAR Performance at AFCON 2023

Former England International and football pundit Gary Neville has commended the implementation of the Video Assistant Referee (VAR) system at the African Cup of Nations (AFCON) in Ivory Coast. According to BSNSports.com.ng, Neville expressed admiration for the efficiency of VAR in the tournament, highlighting its role in ensuring accurate decisions with minimal controversy.

Throughout the competition, VAR interventions have predominantly resulted in correct verdicts, contributing to a smoother flow of matches and reducing contentious situations on the field. This stands in contrast to the scrutiny faced by VAR decisions in domestic leagues like the Premier League and European competitions since the beginning of the current season.

Speaking on Skysports, Neville lauded the remarkable standards of officiating witnessed at AFCON 2023, emphasizing the effectiveness of both the referees and the VAR system. He remarked, “The standards of officiating set by this year’s AFCON are honestly staggering. It’s like they invented it. The Premier League and all of Europe have a lot of learning to do.”

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