Former UFC Champion Mark Coleman “Battling for His Life” After Heroic Rescue in House Fire

Former UFC heavyweight champion Mark Coleman is fighting for his life after bravely saving his parents from a devastating house fire in Ohio, according to his daughter Morgan Coleman’s Instagram post.

Morgan recounted how her father heroically rushed back and forth into the burning house, rescuing both of his parents before attempting to save their dog, Hammer. Despite his efforts, Coleman was unable to save the beloved pet.

Reports indicate that Coleman was airlifted to a hospital following the fire, where he remains in critical condition. Morgan expressed the family’s gratitude for her father’s courageous act and asked for prayers during this challenging time.

Kenzie Coleman, Mark’s other daughter, revealed on her Instagram stories that Hammer’s barking alerted her father to the danger, potentially saving his life.

MMA writer Jonathan Snowden shared a sobering image on X of Coleman connected to a ventilator in the hospital, emphasizing Coleman’s legendary resilience.

Wes Sims, a close friend and former UFC fighter, provided updates on Coleman’s condition via Facebook, revealing that Coleman is currently intubated and sedated.

Meanwhile, Coleman’s mother, Connie, expressed gratitude for their survival and requested prayers for her son’s recovery on Facebook.

Mark Coleman is renowned in the UFC world as one of its most influential fighters, holding the distinction of being the first-ever UFC heavyweight champion. With a record of 16-10, he retired from professional fighting and was inducted into the UFC Hall of Fame in 2008.

Prior to his MMA career, Coleman achieved success as an amateur wrestler, winning an NCAA championship in 1988 and competing in the 1992 Summer Olympics.

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