Former England Footballer Stephen Warnock Reveals Struggles with Mental Health

Stephen Warnock, the former England international and seasoned football pundit, bravely shared his battle with mental health struggles, revealing that he contemplated suicide after receiving poor financial advice.

Warnock, who amassed 550 appearances for 10 clubs and earned two caps for England before retiring in 2018, opened up about the profound impact of what he described as “ill-advised” financial guidance, which left him in a state of depression and with suicidal thoughts.

Reflecting on his ordeal, Warnock recounted the deep distress he endured, stating, “I’d contemplated taking my own life at one stage. I was in so much of a rut.” The 42-year-old revealed the toll it took on his well-being, including severe sleep deprivation lasting six years, which significantly affected his ability to function optimally, even during his football training sessions.

Warnock’s personal struggles extended beyond financial woes, coinciding with the breakdown of his marriage and periods of separation from his children. The former footballer candidly shared the profound impact these challenges had on his mental state, admitting that he felt “massively depressed for years” and mentally retired from the game long before he hung up his boots at 35.

However, a chance encounter with an old friend, training to become a counsellor, marked a turning point in Warnock’s journey toward healing and self-discovery. Through counselling sessions, he began to confront his inner turmoil, finding solace and renewed purpose in reconnecting with his children and reframing his perspective on his football career.

Warnock’s courageous decision to speak out about his mental health struggles highlights the importance of destigmatizing conversations surrounding mental well-being in professional sports. His journey serves as a testament to the transformative power of seeking support and fostering resilience in the face of adversity.

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