Former Big Brother Naija Winner Efe Money Opens Up About Valentine’s Day Memories

Michael Ejeba, popularly known as Efe Money, and winner of Big Brother Naija (Season 2), recently shared a candid insight into his past Valentine’s Day experiences. The singer revealed that he had stopped giving Valentine’s gifts after facing mockery from his then girlfriend’s friends in secondary school due to the perceived cheapness of his gift.

Reflecting on his worst Valentine’s Day encounter, Efe disclosed to Sunday Scoop, “The worst Valentine’s Day experience I have had was when I was mocked in secondary school because of the gift I got for my girlfriend. Her friends said it was cheap. For some time, I stopped giving gifts to my partners.” This incident left a lasting impact on him, leading him to refrain from giving gifts to his partners for a period.

However, Efe highlighted that his perspective shifted with time, especially after finding a more appreciative partner. He expressed, “However, I have a better and appreciative girlfriend now, so I give her gifts.”

Regarding his plans for this year’s Valentine’s Day, the former reality TV star shared that he would be celebrating the occasion privately with his current partner. He emphasized the significance of celebrating love daily, emphasizing the importance of self-love in addition to loving others.

Furthermore, Efe revealed an upcoming project close to his heart. He disclosed that his forthcoming Extended Play (EP) album would be dedicated to his partner. Titled “Aye Me,” derived from the Uhrobo language, the album’s title translates to “My Wife,” showcasing Efe’s deep affection and admiration for his significant other.


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