Former Aide to Ondo’s Ex-First Lady Alleges Unpaid Dues and Abandonment

Folasade Adu, a former aide to Ondo State’s former First Lady, Mrs. Betty Akeredolu, has stepped forward with troubling allegations of abandonment and financial exploitation after serving diligently for seven years without recompense.

In a poignant interview with Ondo-based journalist Prince Olujimi Adekale, Adu recounted her ordeal, revealing that despite her dedicated service as a makeup artist and hair stylist to Mrs. Akeredolu, she received a meager salary of N50,000 per month. Shockingly, a portion of this already modest sum, amounting to N5,100, was routinely deducted, purportedly for donation to the Breast Cancer Association of Nigeria (BRECAN), an organization founded by Mrs. Akeredolu.

Adu tearfully disclosed how she was left empty-handed upon departing her position, with Mrs. Akeredolu allegedly refusing her request for assistance, citing her lack of influence outside of office. Despite her loyalty and years of service, Adu claimed she was denied any form of reward or support, even as she faced financial hardship and unemployment.

The former aide also revealed her struggle to regain financial stability, recounting how she lost her studio and clientele while in Mrs. Akeredolu’s service. Now unemployed and with her husband also without work, Adu pleaded for assistance to reopen her shop, expressing her dire need for support from the people of Ondo State.


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