Fireboy DML Admits Attempt to Emulate Beyoncé’s Performance, Shifts Focus to Self-Improvement


Nigerian singer Fireboy DML has candidly shared his experience of attempting to replicate American superstar Beyoncé’s performance routine, only to realize he couldn’t keep up with the multiple-Grammy winner’s level of excellence.

In a recent interview with RollingStone, Fireboy reflected on his journey as an artist, acknowledging the challenges he faced in refining his stage presence. Despite his initial attempt to mimic Beyoncé’s performance style, Fireboy ultimately decided to focus on self-improvement and artist development to enhance his own craft.

“Right from time, even when I used to write my saddest songs, I used to imagine myself playing them in front of millions of people. I always imagine myself on stage when I write my songs,” Fireboy revealed, underscoring his longstanding ambition to captivate audiences with his music.

Transitioning from the studio to the stage, Fireboy emphasized the importance of enjoying oneself during performances, as it translates to a memorable experience for the audience. He highlighted his commitment to continuous learning and growth, incorporating vocal training and other artist development practices into his routine.

While he initially attempted to emulate Beyoncé’s routine, Fireboy candidly admitted that he couldn’t sustain it for more than two days, recognizing the unique challenges and demands of such a performance style.


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