Femi Adebayo Speaks Out Against Rising Film Piracy in Nigeria

Nollywood actor, Femi Adebayo, has voiced his concerns over the escalating issue of film piracy in Nigeria, emphasizing the detrimental impact it has on the industry.

Taking to his Instagram page, @femiadebayosalami, on Tuesday, Adebayo shared his recent experience and triumph in combating piracy of one of his movies.

Expressing his frustration, Adebayo highlighted how the illegal activities of movie pirates have hindered the full potential of the filmmaking business.

“The Nigerian film industry has experienced exponential growth over the years, but we haven’t been able to maximise the true dividends of this business because of daredevil pirates who benefit where they didn’t sow,” he lamented.

Detailing his ordeal, Adebayo recounted his legal battle against a notable media company engaged in Youtube content distribution. The company had unlawfully used his movie poster and title to promote a different film on their platform, leading to revenue diversion and deception of fans during the cinema run of “Survival of Jelili” in 2019.

Despite the prolonged legal process spanning three years, Adebayo remained resolute in seeking justice. With the support of his legal team, Bola Adebowale & Co Legal Practitioners, he presented compelling evidence and arguments, ultimately winning the case and being awarded twenty-five million Naira in damages.

“This isn’t just my win as a filmmaker and content producer, but a win for all of Nollywood,” Adebayo emphasized.

He urged filmmakers to remain vigilant and proactive in combating intellectual property theft and piracy, emphasizing the importance of every victory in safeguarding the economic value of their work.

“Every win brings us closer to protecting and getting the true economic value of our works,” he concluded.

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