Federal Government Initiates Probe into Private Universities Amid Certificate Racketeering Allegations

The Federal Government has launched an investigation into private universities established in the last 15 years, prompted by an investigative report exposing certificate racketeering in neighbouring Benin Republic and Togo. The Inter-Ministerial Investigative Committee on Degree Certificate Milling will assess various aspects of these universities, including facilities, management structure, funding, and staff composition. The committee has called for public memoranda to aid its probe, emphasizing the importance of addressing the issue in line with its terms of reference. This initiative follows the revelation of a journalist obtaining a degree within six weeks from Bthe enin Republic, prompting concerns about the integrity of foreign degrees. Led by Minister of Education, Prof. Tahir Mamman, the committee aims to review accreditation processes, identify erring officials, and strengthen quality assurance measures in the Nigerian education system.

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