Ex-Commander Henry Ayoola Criticizes Buhari’s Handling of Terrorism Financing, Commends Tinubu’s Approach

Former Commander of Operation Safe Haven in Plateau State, Major General Henry Ayoola (retd), has criticized former President Muhammadu Buhari for lacking the political will to name the financiers of terrorism in Nigeria. Ayoola made these remarks during an interview on Channels Television’s Politics Today, commending President Bola Tinubu for taking decisive action in naming terror financiers.

Ayoola highlighted Nigeria’s prolonged struggle against terrorism, particularly in the northeast and northwest regions, where terrorist groups have expanded their activities under the guise of banditry. He pointed out that Tukur Mamu, currently facing trial for alleged links to the train attack in Kaduna, is among the individuals identified as terror financiers.

Expressing his disappointment with the previous administration’s failure to release the list of terror financiers despite promises to do so, Ayoola lauded the current government’s efforts under the leadership of President Tinubu. He emphasized the importance of addressing the issue of terrorism financing, describing it as a critical aspect of national security strategy.

Ayoola emphasized that terrorism and insurgency in Nigeria are not merely security challenges but also political and strategic problems. He underscored the significance of naming the adversaries behind the security threats and addressing the root causes of terrorism.

In his analysis, Ayoola emphasized the need to confront the issue of terrorism financing head-on, rather than evading it. He questioned the narrative that Nigeria’s security challenges are spontaneous and called for a comprehensive approach to tackle the underlying issues.

Overall, Ayoola’s remarks underscore the importance of political will and decisive action in addressing terrorism financing and other security challenges facing Nigeria. He praised President Tinubu’s administration for its proactive stance on the matter and urged sustained efforts to combat terrorism effectively.

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