Esquare Clears the Air on Altercation with Nigerian Singer Portable

The US-based artists, known as Esquare, have shared their side of the story concerning the altercation with Nigerian singer Portable. In a detailed account, Esquare explained the events leading up to the incident, denying allegations of assaulting Portable.

The dispute arose from a contractual agreement for a music collaboration and video shoot involving Portable. Esquare had initially agreed to pay N2.5 million for Portable’s participation. After paying N1.5 million, they received Portable’s contribution to the track. However, issues surfaced regarding the timing and location of the music video shoot.

Esquare planned to shoot the video in September but had to postpone due to Portable’s tour schedule. They later proposed shooting in Houston, Texas, but Portable’s manager declined. The shoot was rescheduled for September 21st, but Portable failed to show up, citing the distance from his residence in Sango, Ogun State, as a problem.

Direct negotiations with Portable led to an additional payment of N1 million, with Esquare personally driving to Ogun State to transport Portable to the shoot location in Lekki. However, the situation escalated at the video shoot, with Portable allegedly exhibiting erratic behavior and demanding haste due to other commitments.

The conflict intensified over the additional payment, with Portable reportedly threatening to involve a cult group and area boys to disrupt the event. Esquare, comprising Dr. Fortunate and Prince, emphasized their effort to clarify the public misconception and provided evidence of their agreement with Portable.

This incident highlights the complexities of artist collaborations and the importance of clear communication and contractual agreements in the entertainment industry.

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