Enugu State Governor Urges Emulation of Christ’s Virtues in Easter Message

Enugu State Governor, Peter Mbah, has called upon the people of the state to embody the virtues of self-sacrifice and love demonstrated by Christ as they observe Easter celebrations. In his Easter message to the state and the nation at large, Governor Mbah emphasized the significance of holding steadfast to faith amidst prevailing socio-economic challenges, expressing confidence in overcoming these adversities.

Governor Mbah underscored the symbolism of Easter, highlighting Christ’s death and resurrection as epitomizing self-sacrifice, forgiveness, boundless love, and triumph over obstacles. He urged individuals to emulate these virtues in their interactions with others, emphasizing the importance of extending forgiveness and fostering unity among communities.

“As we commemorate Easter, let us embrace the spirit of brotherhood and extend compassion to those who may have wronged us,” stated Governor Mbah. He further urged citizens to remain resolute in their commitment to serving the state and maintaining faith in the nation, reassuring them that perseverance would lead to the eventual resolution of present challenges, paving the way for brighter days ahead.


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