Enugu State Governor Unveils Ambitious Plans to Tackle Power Challenges and Enhance Education and Healthcare

Governor Peter Mbah of Enugu State has announced bold initiatives aimed at addressing the longstanding issues of epileptic power supply, transforming the educational sector, and improving healthcare services in the state. Speaking at a town hall meeting with stakeholders, Mbah outlined comprehensive strategies to revolutionize key sectors and uplift the lives of residents.

In his address, Governor Mbah highlighted the critical role of electricity in driving industrial development and pledged to generate and distribute electricity across Enugu State by the end of 2026. This ambitious plan includes the establishment of the Enugu State Electricity Regulatory Commission and leveraging private sector partnerships to enhance power generation and distribution infrastructure. The governor emphasized the importance of steady power supply in fostering economic growth and improving livelihoods for businesses and households.

Furthermore, Governor Mbah provided insights into the ongoing legacy project focused on revitalizing the educational sector. He announced the construction of 260 smart schools across the state’s political wards, with the goal of providing modern learning environments and implementing a 12-year compulsory and free education program. These smart schools will feature advanced learning technologies, including smart boards, to enhance the educational experience from nursery to primary levels. Additionally, early childhood learning initiatives will be integrated into the curriculum to nurture young minds effectively.

In addition to educational reforms, Governor Mbah outlined plans to enhance healthcare services by building 260 type II health centers across the wards. He emphasized the need to address the unacceptable maternal mortality rate by investing in healthcare infrastructure, increasing nursing admissions, and improving facilities in state-owned institutions. These initiatives aim to bolster healthcare accessibility and quality, ensuring the well-being of Enugu State residents.


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