Emma Hayes Reflects on Clash with Jonas Eidevall

Chelsea manager Emma Hayes addressed the incident involving herself and Arsenal boss Jonas Eidevall during last month’s Women’s League Cup final. Hayes emphasized the importance of handling aggression with calmness and cited a conversation with her son as a learning moment.

Hayes recounted her discussion with her son, where she explained that responding to aggression with more aggression is not the solution. She likened the situation to a school scenario, where addressing unfairness calmly is the appropriate course of action.

Reflecting on the aftermath of the final, Hayes quoted Robert Frost’s poem “Choose Something Like A Star” to emphasize focusing on positive aspects and moving forward. She expressed gratitude for the support she receives from various sources, including family, mentors, and spiritual leaders, to maintain her sanity in challenging situations.

While Hayes will face no action for the incident, Eidevall lamented that the fallout overshadowed his team’s victory and the outstanding performances of individual players. He praised the efforts of Arsenal players and expressed optimism about midfielder Frida Maanum’s recovery after she collapsed during the final.

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