Elon Musk Expresses Interest in Acquiring Disney Shares, Advocates for Nelson Peltz’s Inclusion on Board


Billionaire entrepreneur Elon Musk has signaled a keen interest in acquiring shares of the renowned American multinational conglomerate, The Walt Disney Company, colloquially known as Disney.

Musk’s desire to invest in Disney comes with a caveat—he expressed a willingness to do so only if activist investor Nelson Peltz secures a position on Disney’s board. Peltz recently faced a challenge to join Disney’s board, which was ultimately rejected by the majority of stakeholders.

In response to the outcome, Musk, who was recently appointed as Disney’s Chief Diversity Officer, voiced his support for Peltz, citing his impressive track record and potential contributions to the company. Musk conveyed his conviction that Peltz’s involvement would facilitate reforms within Disney, elevate product quality, and serve the best interests of shareholders, drawing parallels to Peltz’s successful endeavors at various other companies.

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