Edo State Government Issues Ultimatum to Illegal Miners in Ososo Community

The Edo State government has issued a seven-day ultimatum to illegal miners operating in the Egbetua Autonomous Community in Ososo, Akoko-Edo Local Area of the state to vacate the site, warning that failure to comply would result in legal action.

The government’s decision comes in response to reports of approximately 1,000 workers, predominantly from the northern region of the country, engaging in illegal mining activities in the area, causing concerns among the local residents.

The mining site, which has been operational for over 25 years and is located inside the Odo bush, about 15 kilometres from Ososo town, has led to environmental degradation and a surge in criminal activities, including kidnappings of farmers, market women, and children, according to Chief Peter Momoh, the head chief of the Egbetua community.

In a letter dated March 7, 2024, the community issued a quit notice to the illegal miners, followed by another letter dated April 17, 2024, urging Governor Godwin Obaseki to intervene and halt their activities.

Led by the state Commissioner for Mining and Energy, Enaholo Ojiefoh, a team of security personnel met with chiefs and elders of the community on Saturday to address the issue. Ojiefoh conveyed the ultimatum to the miners on behalf of Governor Obaseki, emphasizing the state government’s commitment to zero tolerance for crime and illegalities.

Ojiefoh warned residents of Egbetua involved in the illegal mining activities that their days are numbered, urging them to cease their involvement and vacate the forest within seven days. Security agencies will be deployed to enforce the order and ensure compliance.

The commissioner highlighted the government’s determination to eradicate illegal mining activities, which have been accompanied by criminal acts such as kidnapping and rape, and pledged to collaborate with legal mining companies and attract investors for the area’s development and growth.

Chief Peter Momoh expressed gratitude for the intervention of the state government, signaling hope for the resolution of the longstanding issue and the restoration of peace and security in the community.


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