Davido Attributes Success in Entertainment to Values, Not Wealthy Background


Afrobeats superstar David Adeleke, known as Davido, has attributed his success in the entertainment industry to his values rather than his wealthy background.

During an appearance on the American podcast ‘Business Untitled,’ Davido highlighted that despite coming from a wealthy family, his achievements were not solely due to his financial status. He emphasized that there are individuals from even wealthier backgrounds who have attempted to establish themselves in the entertainment industry but have not achieved the same level of success as him.

Davido underscored the importance of talent and values in his journey to success, stating, “Mine has been successful because of my values.” He acknowledged that while his affluent upbringing presented challenges, his talent and dedication ultimately earned him acceptance and recognition in the music industry.

Reflecting on his early days in music, Davido recognized that his father’s wealth initially posed a challenge. However, he emphasized that his talent and ability were instrumental in overcoming any barriers he faced.

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