Court Denies Divorce Request Due to Absence of Valid Marriage, Orders Child Support

Memunat Adeoye, a businesswoman, sought a divorce from her husband Abdullateef at the Mapo Grade A Customary Court in Ibadan, Oyo State, citing poor feeding, lack of care, and alleged abuse as reasons for ending their five-year marriage.

Adeoye, a mother of one, expressed discomfort living with her in-laws and claimed that Abdullateef provided inadequate financial support, giving her only N1,000 as a weekly feeding allowance. She also alleged hostility from Abdullateef’s relatives and accused him of physical abuse.

In response, Abdullateef, a farmer, denied most of the allegations, describing his wife as rude and claiming that he provided for the household adequately. He offered to allow Adeoye custody of their child with the condition that the child not be placed in her mother’s care.

However, the court president, Mrs. S. M. Akintayo, ruled that there was no valid marriage to dissolve due to the absence of bride price payment, a key requirement for a customary marriage. She noted that both parties testified to the non-payment of bride price, indicating that their union was merely cohabitation.

Despite the denial of the divorce request, the court ordered Abdullateef to pay a monthly feeding allowance of N5,000 for the child’s upkeep. Additionally, a restraining order was issued against Abdullateef, prohibiting him from harassing, threatening, or interfering in Adeoye’s personal life.

The judgment highlights the significance of fulfilling customary marriage requirements and emphasizes the court’s commitment to ensuring child support and preventing harassment or interference in marital disputes.

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