China General Chamber of Commerce Denies Discrimination Allegations Following Abuja Supermarket Incident

The China General Chamber of Commerce in Nigeria has refuted allegations of discrimination against Nigerians at a supermarket in Abuja, clarifying the circumstances surrounding the incident that sparked outrage on social media.

In a statement released on Monday, the Chamber clarified that the Royal Choice Estate, where the supermarket is situated, is a residential complex with a private supermarket exclusively for residents. It emphasized that the altercation between security personnel and a customer at the estate’s entrance gate was an isolated incident and does not reflect the official stance of the estate management or the Chamber of Commerce.

Contrary to widespread reports, the Chamber welcomed people of all nationalities to visit and conduct business with them, affirming its commitment to fostering friendship between China and Nigeria and promoting economic development.

The viral video depicting a Nigerian individual in a confrontation with security personnel fueled condemnation and calls for a boycott of Chinese businesses. However, the Chamber’s statement sought to provide context to the incident and dispel misconceptions about discriminatory practices.

Highlighting the operational protocols of the residential area, the statement clarified that the supermarket is located within the estate’s private residential area, which operates under specific security measures to grant access to external visitors.

The Chamber expressed regret over the misunderstanding arising from the incident at the entrance gate and reiterated its dedication to inclusivity and equal treatment.

While addressing the escalating tensions on social media, the Chamber emphasized the importance of verifying facts and avoiding hasty conclusions based on misinformation.

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