Chief Imam Urges Respect for Fasting Muslims, Condemns Public Eating

Dr. Tajudeen Adebayo, the Chief Imam of Falomo Lagos Central Mosque, emphasized the importance of respecting the sensibilities of fasting Muslims by refraining from eating in their presence during Ramadan.

Adebayo stressed that eating in public during fasting hours undermines the solemnity of the fasting period and may discourage individuals from observing the ritual of self-denial.

His remarks came in response to recent incidents where Muslims were caught eating in public during fasting hours, leading to their arrest by the Hisbah (Islamic Police) in Kano.

Ten men and a female groundnut vendor were apprehended for public eating, prompting Adebayo to comment on the matter. He stated that fasting during Ramadan is considered sacred in Islam and should be respected by all members of the community.

While acknowledging exemptions from fasting for certain groups such as the sick, travellers, and pregnant women, Adebayo emphasized the importance of respecting those who choose to fast by refraining from eating publicly.

He condemned the lack of sensitivity displayed by individuals who eat in public during fasting hours and highlighted the arrests as a consequence of this insensitivity to the feelings of the fasting community.

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